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Introduction of Lanzhou Sanmao Industry Co., Ltd.

Lanzhou Sanmao Industrial Co., Ltd. is the only state-owned wool worsted all-round enterprise in Northwest China approved by Gansu State-owned Assets Investment Group Co., Ltd. The company was originally the third wool textile factory in Lanzhou, founded in 1972.
The company occupies an important position in the national textile industry, and has a long history of product production. It is the only all-round woolen textile enterprise in western China that integrates dyeing and recombing, spinning, weaving, and dyeing. Listed by the State Council as one of the 100 pilot enterprises for modern enterprise system reform in the country. Has been awarded "National Advanced Enterprise of Quality and Efficiency", "China's Coastal and Midwest Top 100 Enterprises", "National Textile Industry System Advanced Collective", "National Excellent Textile Management Enterprise", "Top 10 Competitive Enterprises in China's Wool Spinning Industry", "Gansu Province" Key foreign trade enterprises "and other honorary titles. Party and state leaders Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Qiao Shi, Zhu Rongji, Wu Bangguo, etc. have visited the company successively and fully affirmed the achievements of the company's reform and development.
The company's leading product is "Paishen" worsted woolen cloth, with an annual production capacity of 6 million meters. It currently has a domestic leading and international first-class modern woolen worsted woolen production line. It has introduced Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and other countries with modern advanced levels in the world. There are more than 300 sets of equipment, including a provincial industrial design center with strong technological innovation ability, a national textile inspection and testing center, and 10 textile technology patents. It has been identified as "Wool Worsted Green Design One of the standard-setting units of Product Evaluation Technical Specifications. Over the years, the company has adhered to the development vision of “doing fine and strong”, continuously promoted the upgrading of technical equipment, introduced and digested and absorbed the advanced product design concepts and equipment process technology, continued to adopt new technologies, new processes and new materials, and carried out diversified heterosexual fibers. And functional product test research, successfully developed a series of wool including cashmere, OPTIM (pulled wool), hemp, lyocell, silk, silk, tencel, bamboo, modal, soybean, corn, milk fiber, etc. New blended products and a large number of high-tech functional woolen worsted fabrics such as anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation, anti-static, waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof, nano-three-proof, aromatic, machine washable and so on.
The company has GB / T 19001-2016 / ISO 9001: 2015 international quality management system certification, GB / T 24001-2016 / ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system certification, GB / T 28001-2011 / ISO 18001: 2007 occupational health and safety system Certification, environmental protection product certification, with the International Wool Bureau pure wool and wool blend logo license. "Paishen" worsted woolen cloth has won the titles of "domestic products", "Chinese famous products", "wool fabric products", "Gansu famous brand products" and "national inspection-free products". More than 100 products of the company won the "Weirjia" outstanding new product special award, the "Red Sun Cup" Chinese woolen product (fabric) gold award, the "Chinese popular fabric" outstanding award, the best ecological and environmental protection technology application award, the best innovation Development Award, Gansu Provincial First "Innovation Cup" Industrial Design Excellence Award, Lanzhou Industrial Design Innovation Award and many other awards. "Paishen" worsted fabrics have been used for many years at home and abroad by many famous brand clothing and industry logo clothing. They have been selected as dress fabrics by the 27th Olympic Games Chinese sports delegation and exported to more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Japan, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. .
"Know the present, weave the future." The company adheres to the concept of leading fashion, pursuing excellence, admiring perfection, and taking advantage of sophisticated technology, advanced management, innovation and upgrading, and constantly develops and produces woolen worsted products that lead the fashion trend and show a beautiful life for consumers. Colorful life dedicates more boutiques.

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